Your wedding dress must be perfect!

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The style of your wedding is crucial for the choice of the wedding gown. The official wedding ceremony for example, requires the bride’s dress to be long and closed, with long sleeves and long gloves. In the semi-formal style, you can wear a dress with an open neckline and short sleeves. In this case, the gloves can also be short or not to use them. Only the informal style does not put any limits for your imagination.


Once you have determined the style of your wedding and know the requirements for the wedding dress, the next step is to consider the model of your dress, which must be consistent with your figure. At this stage it is necessary to look sober at yourself and to properly determine your proportions. The choice of an appropriate model of the wedding dress is crucial for your good self esteem on the wedding day.


If you are thin and short, most appropriate for you is a dress with a high waist, high collar and long veil. This choice will give you visual height. For short and more rounded figure the dress must be straight and simple, because in this case there is no room for flamboyance. It is best the sleeves to be long and narrow, and instead a veil use a tiara or an elegant whorl.


If you are tall and thin, aim towards a dress with low waist. Suitable for you are the models with a more open neckline, short sleeves and lace ornaments, and even better if you use gloves. In such figure there is no limit to the length of the wedding dress and veil. For the girls with a more bulky figure is recommended to choose a wedding dress with simplified lines. Redundant embroidery and bulky ornaments are inadmissible.


To remain with unforgettable experiences and positive emotions from the day of your wedding, look for above all harmony and moderation!



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