You dream of the most beautiful wedding dress!

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If you are planning a wedding in the winter, you can take advantage of the variety of designs, colors and fabrics that designers offer. The romantic vision is always up-to-date, so the dresses are lavishly decorated with beads and floral elements. To feel warm and comfortable envisage a suitable elegant overcoat. We would like to introduce you to the hottest fashion trends of the season.
Small flowers

Flowers of tulle decorate the wedding dress fabricated from silk. The model follows the A-line and combines with a veil with the same flowers in ivory. A stylish dress, strapless, disclosing the shoulders.

Floral prints
Print stamps that lately are very used by the designers are introduced to the bridal gowns. They have various elements that can contrast with the color of the dress or be delicately hinted in a darker tone. For example, an original decision for a wedding dress in ivory is to be decorated with black roses or golden flowers.

Pleated tulle

The transparent fabric gives light to the wedding dress. The upper part is a satin corset, the lower is a skirt with pleated tulle. In bright pink the dress is exceptionally beautiful, covered in white tulle. In the upper part of this model, on the level of the breasts passes a silver line decorated with crystals. These types of dresses are appropriate for brides who imagine themselves as true princesses.
Preferred accessories
Some designers complete the wedding dress with a hat with periphery covered with a veil, appropriate for the overall clothing. The white feathers are also an interesting decoration for this style. The long veil to the length of the dress completes it.

Long sleeves are coming back
In the winter the wedding dress could be not so revealing. An option is the lace sleeves or the long gloves. In spite of that, if the cold doesn’t scare you, you will be fashionable with an asymmetric dress where one shoulder is opened.
Mermaid type dress
This model offers various options. In the lower part the dress could look bigger with small curls or following the line of the body, covered in lace. The upper part is classical, decorated with flowers or “hug me” style.

Big bows
The romantic satin bows are placed on the waist, on one shoulder or the level of the bust. They decorate extravagantly the wedding shoes as well.

Choose a wedding dress that suits your figure and style as it is very important to combine it with the appropriate accessories – bag, shoes, jewelry. Before taking a final decision try different models, take pictures so you can look at them at home. You should feel comfortable and pretty.


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