Why are men terrified of the wedding?

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Sweet, charming, considerate, but when you mention him for a wedding, he becomes suspicious, nervous and impatient. What happens to him when he hears the word “wedding”?



Aimless waste of time with friends, beer, games … they can not imagine a life other than this. It seems like they have not grown up and do not want to do. They defend their personal time and space with teeth and claws.



Even if there are no signs that he hesitates, he does. As the woman and the man is leading mental struggles. He is wondering if this is the woman, whether his action is correct, whether the love will be eternal. The male is not accustomed to confusing and complicated issues and therefore if there are any, he just avoids them.


Realistic view

Men look more soberly over life. For them, the wedding is a beautiful event, BUT they know that after the ring and the cherished “Yes,” not only passionate nights await them. They are aware of the potential difficulties and responsibilities. That is why some do not want that burden but to be free while they can.


Reduced self-esteem and insecurity

There are men who experience panicky fear of commitment because they do not know whether they will cope. They are horrified their authority not to collapse. They realize that they must be the support of the family, they need to secure a home and create a standard of living. These thoughts and complexes do not allow men to make the pretty big step.


Has the wrong cease

It does not matter whether it was planted by a friend suffered disappointment in marriage, or by movies like “Married with Children”…

The man thinks of the wedding as a bitter joke in which the humor is quite salty and it on his behalf.


Laziness and indifference

This is already disturbing. If there is no desire to develop, to look together in one direction, to build together, you have to think about the white dress. If the man is indifferent to what is happening around you, or with you, if there is no purpose and direction, and the only thing that inspires him is his mom’s cooking, your joint life will not be very easy. In two words: he seeks not a beloved wife but a loving relative.


The excuses

After all the listed male “BUT” come the excuses. It scares them that they must share the bathroom, closet, kitchen, their life with the woman beside them. Then comes the question, what if she is not the one? And so ad infinitum…


Funny how, but men think that women do not have worries and qualms about the big day. We also ask ourselves these questions, but it seems that the desire outweighs all those males “but” and we swallow them without much noise.



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