What you will immediately like in the marriage

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6 things you will love right away in being married 


Marriage is incredible for so many reasons, not least of which is that one could spend the rest of his life with a partner he loves and who loves him.


Of  course,  for  the  newlyweds,  marriage  seems  to  be  a  super  exciting  adventure, beginning  with  the  fact  that  every  morning  they  wake  up  to  the  beautiful  face  of  their husband and lover.


But experts say that there are six basic things that make people feel pleased that they are married.


Here they are:


  1. The stress around the planning of the wedding has passed.


The  wedding  may  be  one  of  the  main  events  in  a  couple’s  life,  but around   its organization there is a lot of stress. So, once this event is over, you can rest calmly and just browse your wedding photos and comment them… Now is the time to enjoy your time with your  legitimate  mate  –  to  go on  a  honeymoon  or  to  focus  your  efforts  on  creating  your common home – all super nice things.


  1. People begin to look at you (as a couple) in a new way.


Even  if  you  had  a  long  relationship  with  your  husband  before  the  wedding  and  you lived under one roof  for years, after your wedding, people will look at you  in another way  – somehow more legitimate. The relatives will no longer dare to criticize your mate, from now on they will always think of you as a tandem and invite you together and so on.


  1. You now focus on a common future.


Once a person marries, he stops being just “me” and to think only about his needs and dreams. Suddenly, he already has common goals (personal and even professional) along with his spouse. When a person builds plans with his mate, whether it be for trips, for children, or how  to  spend  the  holidays,  his  life  really  seems  like  a  shared  journey  in  the  company  of  a companion.


  1. You will feel a new satisfaction and tranquility.


When  a  person  is  in  a  serious  relationship,  but  without  marriage,  he  always  wonders whether  it  will  last  forever  or  not. But after he marries, this internal question, caused by uncertainty,   remains   in   the   background. After   the   wedding,   the   husbands   enjoy   the tranquility that they have committed to one another in eternal faithfulness, before the eyes of the Lord and all of their loved ones.


  1. You are really a family now.


One  of  the  greatest  benefits  of  marriage  is  that  the  spouses  become  one  family,  and their  fates  are  now  intertwined  as  the  roots  of  a  tree.  From now on, there will be more things that will connect them even more (home, children, friends, pets, and so on). This gives a new sense of security. They  already  know  who  they  will  spend  their  Christmas  and  New Year with.


  1. You start creating your own traditions.


Every family creates its own, unique traditions and habits, even if it follows somewhat common or those of relatives.



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