What would women change in their wedding

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Things that the brides regret


Even on one of the best days in a person’s life sometimes things may be unsatisfactory. In most cases, the bride and groom (especially brides) are occupied with the preparation of the big day months before the fateful date.


It does not seem to prevent a third of the ladies from regretting their choice of wedding dresses. A new research shows that they certainly would have changed their outfit if they could turn back time.


And that’s not all – more than half (52 per cent) would have edited the best man’s speech, in case they have this opportunity. 31 percent of people would choose a different destination for their honeymoon. Overall, the stunning 82 percent of the brides would change at least one aspect of their wedding.


This means that only 18 per cent of the ladies surveyed had their “dream wedding”. The results are from a new study involving 1,000 women. They had to list the things about their wedding that they regret. It turns out that a third of the ladies of the moment would choose a different wedding dress.


Another 38% of brides are also not satisfied with other aspects of their vision. They would change the way they fashioned their hair and makeup. One third of women are also not happy with their wedding photographer, considering that “other pictures are better than ours.”


17% would choose another wedding bouquet. 24% of respondents will change their wedding rings and 13% – the big day’s music. 31% of the ladies think they had to spend more on their ring as they would wear it a lifetime.


Great regret provokes the best man’s speech, mostly because of “inappropriate jokes”. One-tenth of the new wives would change the first song as well, thinking that it was very simple and ordinary.


Some of the famous ladies also regret some things at their wedding. For example, the fashion icon Sarah Jessica Parker regrets she chose a black wedding dress in 1997. Then the actress wanted to avoid unwanted media attention, but now she says she would choose a suitable white dress and really regrets her choice.

The actress Cate Blanchett has been happily married to playwright Andrew Upton since 1997, but she also regrets something in her wedding. She says that at that time she and her spouse did not have any money, so they could not afford a photographer, writes Daily Mail.


The things women would change in their wedding:


  1. The best man’s speech – 52 percent;
  2. Hair and makeup – 38 percent;
  3. Would like to spend more money – 34 percent;
  4. The weather – 33 percent;
  5. Wedding dress – 32 percent;
  6. The honeymoon destination – 31 percent;
  7. Wedding photos – 30 percent;
  8. The engagement ring – 24 percent;
  9. The bridesmaids – 21 percent;
  10. The wedding bouquet – 17 percent.





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