What to keep in mind when choosing the wedding invitations

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The wedding day is one of those unforgettable moments that mark the beginning of a new story in the life of the two lovers. The euphoria about the preparation of this special day is so great that it even does not pass the relatives and friends of the young couple. Every detail about the ceremony must be polished in order to be the “fairytale” perfect. The invitation also does not remain in the background.


On the contrary! The wedding invitation is one of the most fundamental elements of each wedding! It is the first impression you will leave in the person who receives it. In this way you express yourself even from a distance. Your invitation is not an ordinary letter. Except an invitation, it is a request to the recipient for presence and support in this very special day. For this reason, your wedding card should be stylish, interesting and with one word “unique.”


Besides the compulsory things that you need to specify – for whom and by whom is the invitation, the exact time, when and where the event will take place, you must write and some unique of its kind text. The banal invitations are worn out, so shake your mind and call your imagination. The interesting author invitations ensure joyful emotions that you will convey to the recipient.

Recently couples rely on more entertaining texts prompting for gifts such as airplanes, yachts and diamonds … as a joke, of course.

We are sure that whatever you come up with will be extremely emotional and written with a lot of feeling and love and this is the most important, right? If you still can not figure out the text yourself, ask a friend for help or trust a wedding agency.


The design of the invitation is also extremely important.

Most couples prefer clean traditional invitations in light colors, mainly white and cream colors, no frills. Simple, gentle and beautiful. But according to your preferences, the invitations can be more modern and original.


The invitations in bright colors attract the eye and the interesting design makes them not just an invitation but a worthy ornament for the family showcase. The invitations of the type “scroll” are particularly relevant. Another interesting type are the invitations with decorations, embroidery, beads, flowers or ribbons. The shape of a gift is increasingly preferred and the 3D invitations grab with their originality.

One of the latest trends in the wedding invitations is a written website at the end of the invitation itself. Entering the site you find everything that the young couple has wanted to share with you, but did not want to bore you.


For example: photos of the couple, their history (their first date, first kiss and first dance), information on the location of the wedding + photos and many other extras. The modern technologies penetrate in full force in every sphere of life … and do not bypass and the preparation for the wedding!

And yet … there is no need to overdo it. The handmade invitations are just as unique. Even a seemingly simple card made ​​in an original way, will bring joy and positive emotions to the recipient!


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