The wedding glasses – an important element of every stylish wedding

Image: © Sergey Dashkevich / Fotolia

Every wedding is unique, because the people that are getting married are unique – the bride and the groom. The choice of a wedding style depends only on the taste of the young couple. In the wedding trend, the words “stylish”, “amazing”, “creative” are constantly used, which symbolizes the desire for each wedding to be made with an extraordinary taste.


Have you ever considered how important it is to choose the right wedding glasses? If you ask your self why are they so important? The wedding glasses are always a part of the photo session, they always decorate the table of the bride and the groom and they create an amazing uniqueness for the whole celebration. They have turned into an accessory that underlines the style of the entire wedding.


There are a few popular styles for the weddings. The traditional wedding style is known by every bride since her childhood – weddings of close friends, relatives, weddings from the movies and fairytales. We all know the weddings where the bride wears a long white dress, a long veil, she carries a white bouquet, there are a lot of wedding guests and so on… In this case, the wedding glasses are usually hand-made and they absolutely key to the traditional wedding style. They are an addition to the wedding decoration. And why not glasses made of Swarovski crystals with painted doves on them?


A variety of the traditional wedding style is the traditional arrangement with some art elements. All traditions are followed, but some unusual details are added like red wedding shoes, bright bouquet, red garter, bright tie for the groom and bright-colored wedding glasses. All these things contribute to the turning of the celebration into a really special event. Another option is to use a particular color for your wedding – for example, a wedding in green, pink, blue or gold. You could also use a combination of a few colors. In this way, you could express your individuality and at the same time surprise your guests.


The creative style is appropriate for couples who would like to have an unusual wedding celebration which is made with a lot of imagination. For such a wedding, the glasses with a lot of drawings and decorations are most appropriate.


The thematic wedding is based on a particular movie or book. Really popular is “Alice in wonderland”. Most often are used various accessories like laces, pink wedding dress, the glasses are really delicate and they are decorated with pink elements.


The retro wedding which is also known as Shabby Chic, is extremely romantic and this is probably why it is so popular. The common colors for such a wedding are the pastel ones – milky white, ivory, pale pink, pale blue, decorations in the shape of angels and roses. The same thing counts and for the glasses.


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