The wedding bouquet – natural or artificial

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The advantages of the artificial flowers to the fresh ones in the bridal bouquet?


If you have come upon magazines related to weddings or similar sites on the Internet you have probably noticed that the bridal bouquets are an awful lot as types.

In fact, their kinds are only two, they may be made from fresh (live) flowers or from artificial ones.

Of course as colors and different combinations of different types of flowers they can be really a lot.

The popular option is the bouquet to be of fresh flowers because the bride looks better with it, but actually the modern artificial flowers do not differ in anything even from the just harvested from the garden flowers and it is unlikely anyone to notice that.


In most cases, can be said that the artificial flowers are a better option than the natural ones, and in the following lines we will take a look at their eight advantages:


  1. The artificial flowers are very easy to work with and whoever makes the bouquet will find it a lot easier because they do not get damaged and do not brake.


  1. The artificial flowers are not seasonal and you can use whatever you like imitations of the real flowers.


  1. If the wedding is in the winter the living flowers will certainly be more expensive than the artificial.


  1. The artificial flowers are not affected by the heat. If you have fresh flowers in a very hot day, be sure that they would be wilted the middle of the wedding.


  1. They do not wither and always look fresh.


  1. They are easily transported and can be ordered a week or even a month before the ceremony itself.


  1. Artificial flowers do not cause allergies.


  1. Artificial flowers do not attract bees and other insects.


If however, you decide to be a traditionalist and your bouquet to be of fresh flowers, you will need to comply with it and keep it fresh in every possible way.


The greatest advantage of the fresh bouquet is that the live flowers smell great, and in the artificial, with whatever fragrances to sprinkle them, you can not achieve the same effect.


Some consider them to be more charming and romantic and although the artificial ones have many more advantages everybody would still prefer the fresh flowers.


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