The secrets of a happy marriage

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For the marriage or relationship to be happy this is only up to you. The happy marriage or intimate relationship look like a garden – you plant seeds in a healthy soil and put in the appropriate nutrition: water and sunlight – and see the garden grow. The everyday care makes everything blossom. The same is with the relationships between people – the small things you do every day keep the relationship healthy and happy.

There are three main things every happy couple knows:


1. Communication –couples who communicate between one another are the happiest. It is important to talk about small things in life and not discuss only the big problems – this keeps the sparkle alive. Why? Because communication is the only way the emotional relationship between partners stays positively charged. The happy couples find time during the day to talk about small things in life – share how their days went, joke. Namely the communication with the person next to you makes a relationship really quality.


2.Laughter–Happy couples do not take all turnovers in life so seriously. They learned to sort problems as per substance, they know what is really important and what is not worth to be nervous for. The best way they reply to the blows of life is laughter. It’s not the end of the world after all! So relax and laugh at the problems. If you get mad when in trouble, the situation will not change so you have a choice – laughter or tears. Learn to laugh at yourselves and the troubles, this will make the relationship more healthy and positive.


3. Skills to solve conflicts – happy couples know that most disputes may be settled through negotiation. The fact that there is a problem does not mean the relationship is in trouble. Many people wrongly think that in a happy marriage there are no conflicts. The difference between happy and unhappy couples is how they solve conflicts. The happy ones communicate effectively (point 1) when there is an impact and this way they prevent expanding the anger and insult.



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