The key to a happy family life

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For a marriage to endure the changes of life it has some secret ingredients. There are several valuable pieces of advice that every married woman shall follow, and namely: to be flexible in her relationship, to make compromises, to forgive and not be resentful. The more you forget and forgive the happier your marriage will be, say the experts in the relationships between the men and women.

What are the secret ingredients for a happy marriage?

1. Solve the problems right away. Do not leave the things that bother you for later. Marriage consultants advice all disputes to be carefully discussed within 24 hours of the problem’s occurrence. If you do not do this, do not turn back to it, forget it, do not mention it anymore and better leave it in the past.

2. Leave the things you have no control over behind your back. You should learn to accept the fact that some things do not depend entirely on you. If the circumstances are not in your control make your peace with them and try to keep the love and happiness in your relations. Looking into the past is bad for the health of your marriage.

3. Try to agree with the partner regardless that initially you think they are not right. In every marriage there are times when the viewpoints of the spouses do not match. Accept the fact that your partner may never think like you for certain things and topics. It is normal to have differences in your perceptions.

4. Never go to bed mad. Always settle the disputes before you go to bed.

5. Leave the past be past. Do not dig up the partner’s mistakes  from the past to make them feel pain, guilt and make them suffer for that later.


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