The ideal spouses

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Only a few decades ago women could only dream of gender equality. Now when these dreams are gradually becoming reality the male ideal of the perfect wife begins to suffer its changes.


According to the latest studies, the main priority for the ideal wife is the woman to be a perfect housewife. As for the wives, as a basic requirement they have for the husband is to support their decisions and to be a financial support for the family.


The most important qualities of the wife: According to the studies of sociologists from Yorkshire, which included 1,500 respondents, to the question – Which for them are the most important qualities of a wife?

44% of the surveyed men responded – looking after the household.

39% placed in the first place the cooking abilities of the wife.

Only 16% cited the financial independence as a priority for the wife.


The most important qualities of the husband: 41% of the women interviewed indicated that the most important quality of their mate is the ability to respect their opinion. For 38% of those surveyed the most important is the financial condition of the husband. What should be the ideal husband?


Here is a summary of the perspective of women:


To respect her opinion – 41%

To be financially stable – 38%

To be a good father – 27%

To care for the family – 22%


Here is a summary of the perspective of men:


To look after the household – 44%

To be able to cook – 39%

To clean – 33%

To be a good mother – 31%

To respect the opinion of her husband – 31%


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