The factors of a marriage’s collapse

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The marriage is something sacred for two people having strong feelings for one another but is the sacredness of the marriage effective nowadays as it was in the past.


Many of the young couples in love take the spontaneous decision to create a family, thinking their life is their own business … but is this true?
At first sight these thoughts represent an innocent deception that may endanger the family happiness. Be creative and try to learn more details about the family in which you intend to enter.
Men are a grown-up children and their mother is the biggest threat to a marriage.

What should be done in this case?
Such is the nature of women, sometimes they can be unbearable, boring and critical without any reason. Of course every rule has its exceptions. Not everybody should be considered equal but it is better to expect the worst. Many are the factors that can affect the relations between a wife and a mother-in-law.

First of all mothers have a hard time overcoming the idea of leaving the first place in the heart of their “little” boy. Especially if your partner is an only child in the family – be careful of the mother’s jealously, she will not give him up without a “fight”.
From the relationship between him and his mother you will know whether your marriage will be successful or not. If your partner is always interested in his mother’s opinion, calls her 5 times a day to consult about everything with her, fears her anger and is easily manipulated by her – your marriage is 100% condemned.


If you are determined to keep your relationship, the solution is only one – get him away from his family. Big distances with annoying relatives always do good work. This of course does not mean that you will not meet them and keep in touch with them but just not so often.



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