The couples should get married before having children

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This guarantees them a long and happy life


In today’s society more and more couples choose to live together and even have children, but do not hurry to commit to marriage. In fact, nearly half of the women who have chosen to live under the same roof with a man do not legally bound with him. On the other hand only 23 percent of the women reach to marriage with their first serious partner with whom they live on a family basis.

Many people fear that gradually comes the end of the institution of marriage as fewer men and women living together are interested in it. In addition, many women wait to get pregnant, in order to ask their partner for a ring and a vow of fidelity.

Many couples decide to have children and even get engaged, but never find the time or desire for a wedding, and this can actually be a big mistake.

It is true that the statistics for the duration of marriages are bleak, but the statistics for people who do not want to marry their beloved, are also not very good.

Generally the more educated couples get married more often before they have children and the less educated – the opposite. Women with university education are not very likely to give birth without having a document for a formal commitment from their beloved because they understand more clearly the legal protection that marriage gives to the woman and the children themselves.

The children created by married parents are healthier than the children living in other situations. Furthermore, children of unmarried cohabiting parents do worse at school and have a three times higher risk to grow disoriented, compared with children born in marriage.

The coexistence does not offer the same benefits as marriage and involves some risks to which the households are exposed. Married couples tend to accumulate more wealth and earn higher salaries than those without marriage.

Many couples postpone the marriage until they settle professionally, financially, personally and so on… but it turns out that married adults are healthier than the unmarried and have a longer life expectancy.

No matter what the reasons are for the couples to live together without marriage, the fact is that they break their relationship more easily and more often than those who have an official document that they are a family. According to statistics for the United States – 12 percent of the couples who do not have marriage are more likely to separate into a stage of their life.

This may be partly due to the fact that married people get divorce more difficult. It is also possible the partners who are not married to believe that cohabitation is not a commitment “to life” but something transient and temporary. With this attitude the family can not enjoy stability and fidelity.

The fashion dictates that people do not marry. Hollywood stars also rarely reach marriage, but that does not bring them stability and does not protect them from break ups. Marriage brings respect and a certain degree of comfort and though cohabitation is great, it is the more limited and grimmer version of the future.




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