The bride’s shoes

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In one of the episodes of “Sex and the city”, Carrie Bradshaw says: “I desperately tried to find a 3-dollar dress that could go well with my 300-dollar shoes.”

Probably, most of you nodded in front of the TV when you heard this catchword. Almost each lady has been in this situation. But when it refers to your wedding day, things are a bit different.

First of all, you can not find a wedding dress that is so cheap.

Second, do you really need such expensive shoes?


In most wedding salons, you could buy classical white wedding shoes. Maybe you would never get the chance to wear them again, but at least you will look perfect on your wedding. This is the easiest option. There are some ladies that don’t like edgy shoes and prefer to buy shoes from a normal shoe shop. And here comes the problem – is it worth it to spend so much money on something that you would wear only one time in your life and it won’t even be seen.

Our advice for you is to be a practical bride. You have chosen very expensive shoes? See if they are made of qualitative materials: is the workmanship good, will you be able to wear them on other formal occasions. If the answer to all these questions is “yes”, then you shouldn’t hesitate. If you are a braver bride and you want shoes in another color, apart from white, it might be worth it to spend more money on them. You will for sure have the opportunity to wear them after the wedding.

The model that appeals to you is a little bit strange which means that it won’t be fashionable for a long time? You wouldn’t be able to wear the shoes another time? From a closer look, they seem to fall apart right after the wedding day? Well, then you shouldn’t waste your money.

You could by brand new white shoes and then decorate them on your own – with beads, stripes, spangles, flowers – whatever appeals to you and goes well with the dress. In this way, you could save money and at the same time be sure that there will be no other bride that has the same shoes as yours.

Some ladies – really few of them – prefer to borrow their shoes for the wedding. If you have a married sister or a close girlfriend that wears the same number as yours, you could ask her to borrow her shoes. Yes, you won’t be able to show them to your children. This upsets you? Consider spending more money on jewelry that you could give to your daughter after a few years. And do you really want to put your wedding shoes in a box for 20 years?

There is no doubt that you should be beautiful and feel happy on your wedding day. But we doubt that you won’t dance if you buy cheaper shoes. What’s most important is for you to feel comfortable while you are wearing them. If you still are not sure about your decision, here is one more thing. You have picked a model that is ok to be worn on other occasions – then you could feel like a bride each time you put these shoes on!


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