The bridal handbag and what should it hold

Image:© Anna Lisovskaya/ Fotolia

The bridal handbag is a must for every bride. One of the many things you have to think about is what to put in it. Do not bother about this, we offer you a ready list. Usually the bridal handbags are small and cannot fit all of your makeup tools, and we know how much you want them in order to be calm that everything is at hand. The most important things are:
Handkerchiefs – yes, they are not decorative cosmetics but absorb the tears and sweat. You do not want to shine at pictures, right? No matter how much the professional photographs redo the pictures after that, a few will be on Facebook even before you throw the bouquet. Furthermore you can wipe the smudged shadows and  mascara.

The Powder will help you against face shininess.
Lipstick – the guests will shout at least 1000 times “congratulations”, you will eat and drink, so you will have to put on lipstick often. If a professional makeup artists does your makeup before the wedding, advice with him what lipstick you should buy , which to closest to the color they will put on your lips.
Eye pencil/ eyeliner – if the wedding makeup includes underlined or smoked eyes you should have eye pencil or an eyeliner to keep it perfect.
Corrector – it will cover the redness or the new pimple.
Perfume – the bride should not only look good but smell good.
Safety pins, hairpins and patches – if your hair starts to fall apart or the fine lace of the dress is ripped because of some wild dance you will need them. Let us not forget that as a rule the shoes for important occasions are always uncomfortable.
To decrease the volume of the handbag’s contents use little samples of the makeup you need or ask the maid of honor (she will be next to you all the time to help you) to put some of the things in her purse.



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