The 5 most common bridal blunders

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The mistakes in the etiquette that the future brides do


The wedding etiquette can sometimes be quite complex and some brides do not even realize it.

In their desire to organize the perfect wedding, they sometimes go too far – offend a relative / friend (by not inviting him), do things that are considered as distasteful and so on…

Overall, the organization of a wedding has its own intricacies, since there is a danger a person to screw up or something to go wrong.

Here is what the biggest bridal blunders are that you should try to avoid:


  1. Write information in the invitation for the wedding, about what gifts you want.


This is a very bad idea. The gifts are a mandatory part of every wedding and your guests know that. No need to write in the invitation, that we want money for furniture / honeymoon, vouchers for dishwasher, washing machine and more. When the newlyweds say directly what gifts they want, the guest feels like he is blackmailed. He starts to wonder how much money to give, how to choose the right washing machine and so on… That is to say – a huge difficulty and the person in some way begins to hate the future family for the inconvenience they have caused him. If you are close enough to the guests, you can discuss with them (in a private conversation), what could be the gift that would be useful to you.


  1. You make your wedding budget and stick to it strictly.


The more thrifty and calculating people tend to make their wedding budget and to strictly adhere to it. For example, they decide that they have 10,000 for the wedding and make compromises to fit in the money. On the other hand, the parents of many young couples agree to bear the cost of the wedding, but begin to interfere too much in the selection of outfits, restaurant, menu, DJ and so on… which in turn can exacerbate the relations between the two families.


  1. Pour over the social media with details from the organization of your wedding.


The planning of a wedding is a super exciting experience that happens once in a lifetime (at least once with this enthusiasm). You are probably tempted to share every detail and discovery with your 2000 friends on Facebook. Resist the temptation to demonstrate your happiness in this way. Still, most of these people will not be invited to your wedding.


  1. Dramatize about the guest list.

Weddings are expensive and all newlyweds need to carefully think through which of their friends and relatives to invite. You might need to include the annoying uncle of your husband, but have to reject your mother to invite her best friend. There is always a chance someone to stay out of your list and get offended. The important thing is you to not dramatize about that (after all you will have to invite someone you do not like anyway) and not to quarrel with your future relatives on the topic.


  1. You stop at a cold buffet / buffet style as a menu for the wedding.


The cold buffet is cheaper but somehow unacceptable for a wedding. Better invite fewer people to your wedding, but feed them properly with tasty meals. Yet for months (and even years) the people will discuss your event and you will not be very pleased if you find out that they laugh behind your back because of the buffet table. Even if your wedding is organized as a cocktail party, let the food be served at the tables, not your guests to line up in queues to put food in their dishes.


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