Successful marriage = Patience

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For the marriage to be successful there should be patience by both parties in the relationship between two people. Psychologists claim that the patience is one of the main columns structuring the successful marriage.

Here are some valuable advices on how to create and keep the harmony in the relations with your loved one:

1. Take care of the mutual tolerance. Seek the things that excite, satisfy and bring joy to both of you.


2. Respect the differences between you. Try to understand and assess the peculiarities in the character, approach and personality of your partner, especially when they differ than yours which is absolutely normal. After all we are all different.


3. Learn to be patient. Give your spouse enough time to build the comfort zone between you two.


4. Learn how to understand your partner, try to see what’s happening through their eyes. Try to understand and listen to them and you will receive the same.


5. Share your feelings in regular talks. The pleasant atmosphere in a nice restaurant often helps to open the gates of intimacy and sharing.
Patience – the key to a successful marriage


6. Aim to more positive comments and actions. Do not approach aggressively no matter how angry you are, you will regret it later.


7. Let some time pass before you react to a surprising disappointment. The right decisions will come when you are calm.


8. Solve the inevitable differences in a way enhancing and deepening your love. Aim to express your feelings without trying to be aggressive or defensive.
Listen to one another with understanding and look for the good decisions that will make both of you happy.


9. Learn how to express your thankfulness for even the smallest things the loved one does for you. This appreciation may be short, but real.


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