Practical advices for the wedding manicure

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For a nice wedding manicure the most important is to form your own nails, French tips or artificial nails in the perfect shape that you like and feel comfortable with. If you choose the option with the artificial nails you should know that in its base is the good preparation of the natural nail. It should be well cleaned of bacteria so they don’t grow underneath and cause infections. It should be dry and oil free. The nails should not be washed with water before the procedure. Talking about artificial nails I think here is the place to name the types:

Gel artificial nails
The gel is chemically created polymer. It does not seal the surface and does not stop the biological development. The artificial material allows the nails to breath, lets moist and does not impede the metabolic activity of the skin under the nails. In order to make gel artificial nails the nail should be prepared with a fine nail file. An extension is placed with special glue. Filed is the border between the natural nail and the extension. Above it is placed a modeling gel. After that the real polishing gel which turns the nail into glass and it becomes really smooth.

Acrylic artificial nails
This type of artificial nails is very comfortable and creates the feeling that the nail is natural. Placed this way, the nails can last about 3 weeks depending on the care for them.

Unique system which uses silk fiber to create really pretty nails. They are very hard without being too thick.

Here are some practical advices for your wedding manicure

* If you have decided to use artificial nails for your wedding day don’t forget that it will take time for you to get used to it. Don’t do it right before the wedding. This should be done at least one week earlier. This way you will feel more comfortable and confident.
* The decoration of the nails should be done the day before the wedding. This way it will not be damaged.
* The manicure of the hands and feet should be the same or at least should match.
* The manicure of the bridesmaids should not be more visible than the bride’s one. You are the star of the day after all.
* The manicure is not something new for the man as well. The groom also needs it, he shows his hands too.


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