Marriage at any cost?

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Do not be too insistent


We have the example of a man who has proposed his girlfriend four times. It is not normal. Not for a period of eight months. People have been together for years before getting married, not to mention for eight months. In this case, do not insist too much. If you have already reached for the ring, there is no going back.


Regardless of which period of the relationship you decide to propose marriage to the woman next to you, you should be ready that she could refuse. Because sometimes women are more timid than you think. However, they are not willing to end the relationship only because they have refused marriage. On the contrary.

If you have proposed marriage, she has refused you, but your relationship continues, you should know that your girlfriend knows about your desire to marry her. Do not be too impatient and wait. It is better she to raise again the subject of marriage, because it would be a clear sign that she is ready.


Do not propose marriage at any cost

Regardless of how long you have been in a relationship with the lady next to you, marriage is not a goal in itself. If you do not want to get married, why would you propose?


Answer 1: Because I know that my girlfriend wants a wedding. Yes, but such a step should not done by force. Talk to your girl, tell her that you do not want a wedding and even this to affect her badly, it is better to be honest than to marry without wanting it and then to dream of a divorce.


Answer 2: Because we have been together for a very long time. So what? Where is it written what is the maximum period before it comes to a wedding ceremony? Nowhere, of course. This matter is decided by two people. The years in which you have been in a relationship are in no case a limit for marriage.


Answer 3: Because she is pregnant. She is pregnant because you had sex without protection. The baby is a wonderful thing, but if this is the only reason to get married, think well. Love must be the reason for a wedding. Of course, the child is the fruit of your love, but nothing prevents you from waiting for it to grow up and at some point make this family celebration. Thus you will be more relaxed, while your child will have memories of the event and then when looking at the photos, it will not feel guilty.


What is our humble conclusion: If you love the woman next to you and want to marry her, do it with all your love. But if you feel obliged to marry for a variety of circumstances, you’d better think well.


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