Marriage and weight

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The marriage changes the way of life of both of the two partners. This change is more visible for the married women. Some accept everything calmly while others get really concerned. Marriage brings a lot of gifts for the couple. One of them is the excess weight. The overweight shall not be considered as a “side effect” of the marriage. Gaining weight is always unhealthy. It takes away the glamour of the new couple. When there is will, there is a way. Here are some pieces of advice to control your weight while married.

How to control your weight while married?

Start planning joint physical exercise. If both of you are determined to avoid gaining weight resulting from the calmness and security of the relationship, then start doing physical activities together. Go out on a long walk or run in the park. Swimming, riding a bicycle or dancing will also have good effect. In addition, you will provide more time to talk, which you do not have during the day. Enjoy your company. When you build a habit to do sports together it is far more unlikely to get bored and stop the healthy physical exercises. Partners always motivate one another so you can plan sports activities for longer periods. Observe what you eat. This is very important. Enjoy the meals and still make sure that the quantity of food eaten does not exceed the limits. Do not overeat! At the same time it will be nice to mutually control the food intake. Focus on the homemade meals. Avoid eating unhealthy products. You can cook dinner and serve it romantically for example. When you eat out choose the food wisely. Eat more soups and salads.

Have dinner early. If you feel hungry at the end of the day it is a wise decision to have dinner early. Even if your partner is not yet home, cook something healthy and eat it. Do not feel guilty. Otherwise postponing dinner with a few hours will lead to overeating. Subsequently, keep your partner company while they eat.



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