The man’s clothing for a wedding

Image:© Martina Fenske/ Fotolia

When it comes to a special occasion the appropriate clothing for it is required and in some cases mandatory. Usually this is not one of the men’s favorite themes. What should they all know when they are invited to a wedding?

Of course there is no need to mention that the costume is mandatory. If the wedding is during the day and the season is summer, the costume may be linen and vary in the colors. Appropriate for this case are the bright colors: white, beige, blue, gray. Weddings on the beach release the gentlemen from the obligation to wear a tie.

If the happy occasion is planned for a warm evening out in the open, it is more appropriate to look for a suite in a darker color. Black and marine blue are the best choices. Weddings during other times of the year usually happen indoors and require a more strict appearance.


In case the celebration is very elegant or the clothing is for the best man, the smoking is the best choice.
When it comes to the accessories for such an event the bow ties are more appropriate than the ties. If you need a belt for the pants it shall be as plain as possible and preferably black. As a rule the belt must perfectly match the shoes. The cuff links must be silver for the daytime weddings and golden for the evening weddings.


Every man should know that at a wedding sneakers, jeans and unbuttoned shirts are forbidden and extremely inappropriate. This does not mean that the comfort is forbidden. After all, these types of celebrations include a lot of dancing and for that purpose the clothing should be as comfortable as possible.


As a conclusion we must say that if the couple has set a dress code for their wedding you must comply with it.


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