Looking for a wedding dress

Image:© babkin/ Fotolia

Before you start the big tour to the wedding boutiques for your wedding, our advise is to make an online research before going to the shops. This will save you a lot of time and energy and will give you the necessary information about what exactly to look for, what you will need and what is fashionable at the moment.

Find some web pages dedicated to the tendencies in the wedding fashion. Limit these pages to only a few or otherwise you will get stuffed with a lot of unnecessary information that will only confuse you.


Register in a wedding forum, where you can exchange ideas with other ladies who are about to get married. There you will also find information from people who are already married and you will find lots of pictures of wedding dresses.


Look at several reviews and magazines. This way you will see the latest wedding fashion tendencies from different designers.


Save the pictures of the dresses that impressed you. Depending on the style of your wedding and also your personal style, determine the money you need for the dress, its appearance and how you imagine yourself in the dress at the wedding.


Start the searching immediately after you set the date. Most of the wedding dresses are specially made for the bride (it can take from 3 weeks to 6 months). Order a dress at least a few months before the wedding. This way you will have the time to make the necessary amount of trying, corrections and you can coordinate the rest of the things. For example in England, the brides order their dress an year before the wedding.


If your wedding dress is confection, it is nice to have the time to determine the style, the shop and the dates of the trying on.


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