Let’s decorate the wedding car

Image:© Arūnas Gabalis/ Fotolia

A wedding always has a special car for the bride and the groom. For the car’s decoration you need to have a little fantasy and skills. The most important thing you should remember is to decorate the car in such a way so that the decoration does not bother the driver. For the decoration most often are used artificial or fresh flowers, tapes, balloons, decorative rings or hearts, stickers in the shape of a heart. All those accessories are sold in the bridal shops and are available for rent as well.

If your car is bright use bright accessories: red, blue, golden, green. For darker cars use delicate bright colors which to soften the heavyness of the dark color. The newlyweds’ car should be the most elegant, the rest of the cars shall be more modestly decorated. It is best when all the cars are decorated in the same style.

Most popular are the decorations of artificial flowers. They are durable, beautiful and most importantly they do not lose their initial shape throughout the day as oppose to the natural flowers. From artificial flowers are made various bouquets and wreaths which are placed at the front of the car, the grid of the front bumper, on the back bumper or the trunk.

If you wish to decorate your car with fresh flowers it is nice to seek advice from a flower arranger who will arrange them in a way that will keep them fresh during the day. Do not over-speed or the flower decoration will be ruined.

How to decorate your wedding car?
The composition of two rings and flowers is mostly preferred by the newlyweds. They are placed on the front cover so as they do not interfere with the driver’s ability to see.

You can decorate the car with enough balloons because even if it moves slowly some of them will get lost. It is better when they are more.

Keep in mind that the different heart-shaped stickers may leave glue on the car but it is cleanable.
Ultimately, the decoration of your wedding car can be strictly individual and a work of your imagination. The nicely decorated wedding car will emphasize your individuality and will create a festive mood!


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