Cosmetics – what should we spend money for

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Some cosmetic products we shouldn’t save money for and there are also ones we can cheap about

Spend strong on:

1. Base and foundation
If you want to look as if you are not wearing makeup you shouldn’t save money from the foundation, concealer and powder. Cosmetics, manufactured by prestigious companies contain pigments that fit the face more naturally, they have a wider range of colors and the products have different density depending on your type of skin. Furthermore, in the contents of these substances there are UVA and UVB filters.

2. Eyeshadows
The quality eye shadows have a very light texture, they will not wipe out during the day and will not gather in the end of your eyes.

3. Lipstick
The quality lipstick has more colorful pigments, it is long-lasting on the lips.

Buy good cosmetic brushes that you often use: powder, blush or shadows. The brush should be artificial because natural fibers endanger the development of bacteria.

You can save from:

The mascara
The substances used by the various companies for mascara production rarely vary from one another. The cheap mascara can completely satisfy your requirements if you buy the right brush.

2. Lipgloss
The lip gloss is used for gloss, it is not long-lasting and has no color. That’s why if you want to look good, buy a nice lipstick and then buy a cheap gloss.

3. Lip pencil
In the world there are several manufacturers of lip pencils. The expensive ones as well as the cheap ones are the same. Spend money for an expensive lipstick and not so much on the pencil.

4. Nail polish
The expiry date of the nail polishes is limited. They dry fast regardless of the price. In fact the expensive nail polishes are more long-lasting but you cannot use them all. So buy a cheaper nail polish but an expensive stabilizer.



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