How to guess he is going to propose

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The marriage proposal is one of the most incredible and memorable moments in every woman’s life. The engagement is a prelude to the wedding – one of the happiest days for any woman. You have been dating for enough time and for a few weeks you feel he has become more nervous and as if he is making some plans. Find out if this will be a marriage proposal with a beautiful ring.

1. He helps you more than before.
You have noticed that he suddenly is willing to do the dishes or change the sheets instead of you. This is his way to show you he is worth to be a husband, he cares about the home and does the housework together with you.

2. Brags about himself.
He knows you have your career and can take care of yourself, but as most men he wants to be the financial core of the family. This means  to have decent work, salary and no loans. Men instinctively want to take care of their other half so maybe before he asks you to spend your lives together, he may brag about a work well done or a bonus by the boss.

3. Acts as if you just started dating.
Flowers and fancy dinners again? In fact he tries to make sure that when the big moment comes you will say “yes”. According to Cosmopolitan for many men the challenge to propose is very exciting and freshens the relationship.

4. Questions you.
When the time comes to ask “Will you marry me?” he will for sure want this moment to be special and unforgettable for you. This means he will need more information about you – for example what is your favorite place or most pleasant moment of your childhood. He knows very well your friends will ask “How did he propose?” and he wants you to have a great story to tell.

5. He is very nervous.
In the big day he will be very nervous. Even if he is sure you will say “yes” he will be nervous whether everything will go according to plan. If he is terrified from the weather prognosis for the weekend or insists you to order chocolate cake for desert this means you will receive a shiny engagement ring.


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