How to go through the first year of marriage

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We believe that every relationship is different. People, no matter how similar, do not overlap nor as temperaments nor as desires or as expectations in life. And that is why the world is such an interesting place. Yeah, but sooner or later the time comes to get married. Not necessarily, but most men do. Why? Because at some point they meet a wonderful woman, fall in love with her and decide they want with the ritual of the wedding to show the whole world that they are proud of their choice. For whatever reason people marry, they are experiencing inconspicuous stress that internally lights fires and externally shows only in their eyes. So we decided to give you tips on how to go through the first year of marriage, which we found in the Telegraph.



Get ready for a change

There are big rearrangements in the relationship when two people get married. The first year is the most difficult. When you return from your honeymoon, get ready to feel slightly depressed. After the passage of all the excitement of the preparations, the wedding and finally the deserved vacation, comes the consolation and the “draining” from the side of emotions. Keep in mind that such a bad mood is something completely normal and do not panic that something really bad happens to you. The unpleasant sensation will gradually leave your mind and will soon disappear completely.


Talk to each other

Perhaps before you got married with your current wife, you have talked exactly what you want to happen with your family. Yes, but until you get married, you can not know what will happen. Maybe she thinks that now the right thing is to spend all your time together, while you have the reverse position. Do not stop to discuss the expectations for your life together, especially after you are married. Exactly here many couples loose the control over the things and later experience great difficulties.


Do not be obsessive

Once you are married, people will start to see you as an inseparable pair. They will invite you at parties and gatherings and will expect you to be together. Yes, but that does not mean that your wife and you have to be inseparable. Nobody is obliged to go to places where he does not want to or if he does not consider necessary to attend. Give yourself freedom and show people around you that you respect your decisions and none of you is a supplement to the other at any time.


Danger zones

There are three main things for which the married couples argue most: household chores, money and personal hygiene. Make sure your daily work in your home to be distributed evenly. Always discuss any problem that may arise around your financial condition. Whether you have a joint account or not, money will still be distributed between the two of you, so there should not be a word for selfishness.


Think about the past

Remind yourself of how your relationship started, look at photos, tell entertaining stories that you have experienced together. And be sure to spend quality time as a couple – go out together, cook together, eat together. Be a team that works well throughout the day, not just at night in bed.


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