Here’s how to take him to the altar according to the astrological sign! Part 2

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The man Libra is looking for the beauty and surrounds himself with coquette and maintained women. You will make him an impression if you dress stylishly and transmit charms. He will propose marriage to the woman who stands out, excites his interest constantly and knows her price. Forget about aggression and impertinence in his presence.


You will easily make him to offer you a meeting, but not a marriage proposal. You will win him if you trust him and do not play games. Be yourself and do not cheat! This man needs a confident woman next to himself, who puts his interests and desires at first place.


The man Sagittarius is interested in the beautiful, charismatic women who do not burden him with their problems. He often falls in love at first sight, but quickly retracts if you disappoint him. He needs new sensations and emotions, so be different and unpredictable. You will fascinate him with an invitation for caresses at the back seat of the car.


Be modest and gentle if you want to get far with a man of this sign. Do not intrude your achievements even if you really have something to be proud of. Be measured in every respect. The man of this sign will evaluate your intelligence and will gladly talk to you on any subject. He will admire your tenacity and ambition and will be happy to share his life with you.

The man of this sign is looking for a romantic, interesting and well-intentioned woman who does not bombard him with empty words. Be independent and strong. Keep your mysteriousness in order to maintain his interest alive for long time. Do not push him. For him it is important to trust you, so do not play with his patience and trust.


The man Pisces needs a warm, gentle and careful woman who worships him. He does not like the aggression and tension. He will appreciate your personality and practicality more than any other sign. Seek the balance in every respect and you will impress him.


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