Half of the women plan their wedding before even having a bridegroom

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50% of the lonely ladies are obsessed with the idea of the perfect wedding although they do not know who the bridegroom will be yet.


You have chosen your wedding dress, you have selected the luxury car that will take you to church, you have flagged your bridesmaids and already have an idea what will be your wedding cake…


This plan is something typical for you if you are a future bride, but it turns out that it is favorite and for most single women. It turns out that each 6 of 10 single ladies have already secretly begun to plan their weddings, even though they have not met their grooms yet.


According to a new British study more than half of the women without boyfriends begin to plan their wedding, long before they find their future husband. The girls begin to make plans for their big day at the tender age of 13 years.


Almost half of the girls in puberty identify which of their friends will become bridesmaids one day, and one in 20 girls even buys a bridal magazine, from which to draw ideas, while 34% surf the wedding websites for inspiration.


Almost half of the surveyed representatives of the fair sex (49%) admit that they know exactly with what kind of dress they want to marry, yet before anyone has made them a marriage proposal.


It turns out that finding Mr. Perfect is of secondary importance for half of the Cinderella girls, who are more obsessed with the idea to “shine at the wedding.” After all this information it becomes clear why men often feel isolated during the planning of their wedding, as the bride has already long had a vision of everything that has to happen at this important event.


The survey, done by the company “Interflora”, was made among 600 single women. The study authors say: “With this survey we prove how important the wedding day is for the women. Even ladies who still do not have a permanent partner have a clear idea of the nature of their wedding. ”

22 percent of the women even have an album or folder in which to store their ideas in the form of clippings from magazines or photos. The study also shows that 13 percent of the women know in which month of the year they will get married, and 27% have chosen the season.

The study also revealed that the dress is the most exciting aspect of the planning for the big day.


See which the wedding decisions are that single women have already taken before they met their bridegroom:


They have chosen the type of the dress (49%)

They have chosen the destination for the honeymoon (32%)

They have chosen the bridesmaids (31%)

They have chosen the bridal bouquet (23%)

They have chosen the hairstyle (20%)

They have chosen the restaurant / venue for the wedding (20%)

They have considered the menu (17%)

They have decided during which season they will get married (15%)

They have chosen the cake (12%)

They have chosen the church (12%)

They have chosen the song for the first dance (9%)

They have taken a decision on the exact date (6%)



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