Flirt during marriage

Image:© Subbotina Anna/ Fotolia

Image:© Subbotina Anna/ Fotolia

If flirt is a forgotten activity and your partner is more often tired and you cannot exchange the necessary attention, don’t think this is the inevitable boredom of marriage but remember how to play this game.

Start with the small things. Smile is a part of the flirt… smile more often – tenderly, only for him/her. This means a lot more than a thousand  explanations. The smile can be playful, nice or joyful – do not hide it because of a tiring day – it is possible they fell in love with it the first time.

The surprise is a mean of flirt that can win the game but can be very risky. Experiment only if you are sure that the surprise will be nice and appreciated! Surprise the loved one with a computer game or something else which to be personal and only for them. The surprise is tangled in the game of flirt but in the purest kind, it should be directed specially to the loved one. If you organize a romantic dinner let him/her feel special. Don’t make the mistake to end endeavors after they sit on the table. Serve, notice the glasses, pamper your partner the entire evening. Show that they are special for you and it is a pleasure to take care of him/her!

Remind of yourself! Place in the glove compartment in the car a handkerchief with your perfume. When they open it on the way to work they will feel your presence and will feel nice. Leave a message on the fridge or the mirror in the bathroom when you know he will be there next! It is not necessary for it to be a statement of love but just a joke which to make them feel better. Do not risk it to become a chase with your things, messages and aromas everywhere he looks. The effect will be negative … and this will be a bad surprise!

Invite your partner on a date! In the end of the long and busy day sometimes the alternative of going home to the kids, pets and messy house is not what you want the most. You can always afford a little escape. Send a tempting sms to your spouse for a meeting in your favorite restaurant. If you have to you can call a babysitter or a friend… If you have an opportunity go home early to freshen up and change your dress. There is a rule as well: do not turn the dinner into complaining of the day passed! This you can do other evenings.

There are many ways to flirt with your partner. It is valuable and refreshing for your relationship as well as a spice in the everyday life, which you definitely need. Be inventive and never stop surprising the person next to you! If this seems like a hard and tiring task, imagine you met them yesterday. This will help you see things from a new angle.


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