Do not become a monster bride

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The planning of a wedding is sometimes more stressful than it should be


The Americans have a term that perfectly depicts the hysterical future bride, which gradually turns into a monster, namely “bridezilla”. This is a word combination of the words bride and Godzilla.


This term was first used in the mid-1990s and refers to future brides who in their desire to organize the perfect wedding transform into monsters with absurd demands. In the recent years this disparagingly became a synonym for a bride whose behavior starts getting out of control.


Most brides take the lead in planning their weddings, but that could put them in a situation of great stress. The ideal of femininity wrapped in a delicate white dress of fine fabric, often diverges with the image of the nervous modern brides who need to find their way in the relentless wedding industry.


They have to negotiate with managers of restaurants, with photographers, with DJs, spiritual and administrative parties, with hairdressers and makeup artists, etc… They should be able to make quick and important decisions, to make so as to please all their family and friends, to tour thousands of shops for wedding goods and clothes, and finally they approximate dangerously close to the stereotype “bridezilla”.


The brides are often torn between their desire to organize the wedding of their dreams, but also by the need to fit into a certain budget.


According to research exactly this dual challenge is the reason women to begin to express emotions such as anger, resentment, irritation, etc.


It is clear that planning a wedding is not easy and can be an extremely stressful occupation, but in the end, if you are a future bride, try not to look so dramatically in everything about the preparation of this important event in your life. Eventually, your future marriage is more important than the wedding itself and it will not be good to unnerve and the groom just before he says “I do.” It will also not be reasonable to go wrong in front of his relatives by showing the worst and despotic side of your character.


Try to react calmly even if something in the preparation does not go according to your expectations.


If your family and that of your beloved have very different views on what should happen at the ceremony, try to respect a bit of both viewpoints, but mostly comply with your personal preferences. Ignore the familial disagreements and try to be on the same page mostly with your future husband. Your relationship in the long run are the most important at the moment.


Besides money and family conflicts, for women is stressful and the pressure to look perfect on their biggest day. This pressure can cause women to starve for months before the wedding, to spend countless hours (and spend a lot of money) in beauty salons and still to be chronically unhappy with their appearance.


Alongside all this stress you will hardly be able to enjoy the wedding. For this, in the first place, allow yourself to be imperfect and be open to compromise.


Try to observe your behavior to find out whether you overdo with your claims.


And do not forget that besides to you, the wedding is a huge event as important in life and for the groom and he should also have an opinion.


Remember that one of the ideas of the wedding ceremony is to swear in eternal fidelity to the love of your life surrounded by your closest friends and relatives.




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