Color and fabric of the wedding dress

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Nowadays it is no longer mandatory the color of the wedding to be always white. There is a great variety of beautiful shades of ivory and other colors that are appropriate as well.

The most important thing in the wedding dress is it to be specifically for you, so try every dress on regardless of the color.

If you have jewelry which you want to wear on your wedding try your dress on with it. The jewels should match the dress.

If you want your wedding to be old-fashioned choose a color of your wedding dress in ivory. Pastel colors are for brides getting married for the second time.

The fabric of the wedding dress usually varies depending on the season.

Autumn or winter wedding. For a wedding dress in this time of the year usually choose heavy fabrics like satin, taffeta, heavy velvet and lace.

Spring or summer wedding. In the warm season for your wedding dress choose lightweight fabrics such as chiffon, light satin, lace or light linen.

The white wedding dress is neutral. The symbolism of this color is the purity and innocence, so the bride’s wedding dress is traditionally in white.
The blue wedding dress reflects calmness and satisfaction. As people say this is the color of fidelity.

The yellow color of the wedding dress makes an impression of lightness and joy. It expresses radiance and non-material happiness.

The red wedding dress symbolizes the aim to achieve results and success.

The green wedding dress expresses determination, shows consistence of identity and high value of “Me”.

The violet wedding dress symbolizes the mystical, where everything turns into reality.

There are many different and fabulous dresses out there, so the choice of the fabric and color of your dreamed wedding dress depends entirely on you.



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