A wedding hairstyle according to the weather

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Every future bride has an idea about how she wants her hair to look like on her wedding day. Or at least she has discussed her hairstyle with her stylist. She knows if she wants her hair lifted or falling down, curled or straightened, with fresh flowers or a tiara. The thing that the brides and their hairstylists usually conform to is the weather. Is it going to be sunny or rainy…? How to adjust your hairstyle to the atmosphere conditions?


♥ If the weather is going to be: Hot and Dry


♥ What will bother you: Dry hair, with no shine


♥ How to handle it: If your hair is dry, use soaking shampoo and conditioner that contains glycerin and panthenol 3-4 weeks before the wedding. No matter what type of hair you have, it’s good to make a deep nourishing procedure on your hair once a week in order to prevent it from drying. If your hair is oily, don’t use any soaking products on your hair roots. Forget about the hair straightener and the hair curler, even about the hair dryer – let your hair dry on its own. And of course, make an appointment with your hairstylist to cut your hair ends. The dry ends look awful in a hot and dry weather.


♥ On the wedding day: Prepare your hair with a protection serum that will prevent the hair from drying. Complete your hairstyle with a shine serum if your hair is oily or nourishing cream if it is dry or normal. If your hair is going to be falling down, it’s good to put some serum on your hair ends.


♥ If the weather is going to be: Rainy and Wet


♥ What will bother you: Waving and Curling


♥ How to handle it: No matter what type of hair you have, if the weather is rainy and wet, the risk of waving and curling is really big. If you have curly hair and it is going to rain on your wedding day, you should better not think of straightening it. The waving is due to the fact that your hair constantly absorbs the moisture in the air. 2-3 weeks before the wedding prepare your hair by putting flat ironing serum on it right after you wash it.


♥ On the wedding day: The last time you wash your hair before the wedding day, just wipe it dry with a towel to remove the wet. Don’t rub it too strong. On the wedding day, put flat ironing serum while it’s still wet and use a comb to get a good result. While you are drying it with a hairdryer, use the cool air option, because the hot air opens the cuticle of the hair, while the cool – closes it. Finish your hairstyle by putting breakage serum on it. Take the serum with you on the wedding day, so that you could fix it if it needs fixing.


♥ If the weather is going to be: Cold and Dry


♥ What will bother you: dry, electrified hair


♥ How to handle it: The cold sucks out the nourishment from your hair, that’s why you should use nourishing conditioner and shampoo a few weeks before the wedding if you don’t have oily hair. You probably dry your hair with a hairdryer (who doesn’t, especially when it’s snowing outside), you should avoid using straightener and curling iron, because they will dry your hair even more. If your hair ends are dry or you have treated them too much, it’s very likely that they get electrified more than usual. You should use intense repair hair mask or conditioner once a week, especially if you straighten your hair constantly or you color it.


♥ On the wedding day: Put some serum on your hair that protects it from the hot air of the hairdryer and the heat of the straightener right after you wipe dry your hair. Be careful with the amount that you use, because if you use too much, your hair will become heavier and you could ruin your hairstyle. Avoid hair sprays that contain alcohol, because they dry the hair even more. Finish your hairstyle with stylizing cream.


After these preparations, no matter of the weather conditions, you will be ready to put on your veil and enjoy a wonderful wedding day with hair in perfect shape.



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