A few recommendations about the bridal makeup

Image:© darkfreya/ Fotolia

Among with the other details around the wedding, the appearance of the bride is very important. This includes her clothing, hairstyle and of course the makeup. First of all you have to decide if you are going to do your makeup on your own or with the help of a professional in a beauty salon. No matter what option you choose make a few trial attempts in order to select the best version for you. To be irresistible and stunning on your special wedding day, take good care of your makeup.
Here are some tips to help you look like a queen:

*Use a strong pigmentation cream as a base and then apply a coat of powder to make the skin smoother.
* Put powder on the neck, ears and shoulders as well, this way the tone will be the same as your face.
* If you have to, use a corrector before the powder, to cover a pimple or some imperfections if you have any.
* Learn some tricks in the art of applying makeup and buy products for them, to use them on the Big Day.

* If your skin type is combined, then use water-based foundation and a dry sponge for its application.
* Hide the black circles under your eyes with a corrector by placing it pointing to the nose.
* For a perfect eye shape use a small brush to mix a medium color of your eye shadows by starting from under the eyebrows and put the darkest tone on your eyelids and on the outer side of the eyelid.
* Use a base of the shadows in a peach color as the eyelids are the base.
* Choose a lipstick which combines with the makeup on your eyes and which fits you well on pictures.
Fine and small lips look more sensitive and full if you use deeper tones.



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