5 reasons to opt for a small wedding

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Your happiness does not lie in the big crowd


They say that in a woman’s life there are a few extremely important moments and one of them is her wedding day. As small girls, they dream of a lavish celebration with hundreds of guests, ballrooms, lots of music and a marvelous wedding dress.

After years the vision for your wedding day can dramatically change not only because of the fashion, but also because of the surrounding reality. There is nothing wrong to make a modest ceremony and still be the star of the event. You do not have to prove anything to anyone, so do not neglect this idea, which might be more practical and appropriate.


Here is why:


  1. Less tension in the family

When the wedding day approaches and you begin the guest list you suddenly realize how many relatives you have. And the relatives are a problem! Perhaps with most of them you are not in good relations, others you have not seen in years. You are not obliged to invite the entire bloodline so calm down. The small wedding is an excuse to gather only your closest.


  1. Crowds bring you to hysteria

Yes, you want to be the center of attention, but imagine what it is 200 people to pull you back and forth, to ask you all kinds of questions, to want to take pictures with you, to hug and kiss you. What memories will remain of this day?


  1. You have a limited budget

The large weddings are an expensive pleasure, which often can dramatically affect your financial condition. You do not have to spend thousands when you can make the important day memorable with more modest means.


  1. You do not have enough time

Usually the wedding is a well planned event, but sometimes it must be done in a shorter period. To plan a major wedding is a real challenge when you have less than a month and in this case it is easier to opt for a smaller ceremony.


  1. You dream of a small, intimate wedding

This is your day. If you are longing for something more modest, and relatives and friends push you for a big celebration, do not listen to them. You are the one who should feel comfortable and happy at this moment, so do what you want, not what the others want.


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