10 types of men you should not marry!

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Every girl dreams to be a bride one day. They can not wait to meet the prince on the white horse, but over time realize that nobody is perfect. Instead of looking for the perfect partner, look for one that is right for you.


While searching for the correct, you ignore the bad to concentrate on the good. And that’s good. This shows that you are not superficial, but there are 10 types of men that you should definitely avoid.


  1. The relationship maniac

Finally he managed to have the girl he wanted? Just because he is in a relationship does not mean that he is committed to it. You will never know how much he actually cares for you.


  1. The rebel

Many women are attracted to the bad boy. There is something mysterious and romantic in him, but sometimes he is a rebel and in the marriage. Soon you will feel it on yourself.


  1. The narcissus

Narcissus is a hero from the Greek mythology who was so beautiful that he fell in love with himself. Because he could not take his eyes off his reflection in the water, he fell into the lake and drowned. These people are so confident in their own greatness that they do not realize their shortcomings. They always try to stand out and often do so at the expense of others.


  1. The control freak

Everyone likes doing things his way. Unfortunately, men are programmed to express hostility when they do not get what they want. The man who can not control you may start to be aggressive toward you physically and mentally.


  1. The one who always knows more than you

It’s nice to marry his beautiful mind, but it is dangerous to do so for some smarty pants. You will always feel wrong, even if you have just expressed an opinion.


  1. The cissy

You’ve heard that, as he behaves with his mother, so he will behave and with you. Therefore you are looking for a man who is close with his mother and spends a lot of time with her. Be careful, because if he is too close with her you will feel as if you are marrying and his mother. Get ready to hear a lot of “Mom does not make it so.” You can also expect his mother to be your marriage counselor.


  1. The beauty

Get used to spend the weekends at the mall for new clothes rather than doing sports. At least you’ll have a nice house and car. If he can afford it.


  1. The characterless

As mentioned, everyone likes to do things his own way. When you encounter a man who lets you do what you want as you want, without complaining about it, you do not want to let him go. Eventually, however, you have to make all the decisions. Then you become uncomfortable because you’re the man in the relationship.


  1. The macho

He talks about sports, beer and hunt all the time. Yes, he is sexy, but you should be ready to change the diapers yourself. And forget about romantic gifts for Valentine’s Day, because real men “do not make such slops.”


  1. The fitness maniac

Which woman does not want a man with a sculpted body? Despite these traits, you will notice that fitness takes a great deal of his time. Soon you will ask him whether he has improved his record on the bench press.


Yes, every prince has these traits. It is important to choose the one whose flaws you can accept in order to marry the prince, not the frog.


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