10 things you should NOT do at a wedding

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Be careful not to ruin the celebration of your relatives, allegedly without wanting to


We have seen many Hollywood movies with comedic storyline in which one of the characters goes to a wedding with the idea to ruin it. He will either raise an outrageous toast, with which to embarrass one of the newlyweds, or say out loud that he is in love with the bride and so on…

Of course most often these are fabrications of the scriptwriters and they do not happen in real life. However there are certain foolish actions, with which you can really ruin someone’s wedding, not deliberately.


Here are some of them:


  1. To go to the wedding with someone who was not invited

If the newlyweds have not provided place and food for your mate, who is not invited to the wedding, it will at least put them in an awkward situation. Not to mention that the person you have brought to the event will feel bad, because he probably will not know anyone except you.


  1. Constantly to take pictures with your phone

Do not overdo it with the photos with your phone! After all, the bride and groom probably have hired a professional photographer who will make really good pictures. They will hardly be happy to see your blurry and not so beautiful shots of themselves in your profile in Instagram, for example.


  1. To try the wedding cake with a finger

The fact is that guests sometimes do that. There is nothing wrong to want to touch the beautiful, expensive cake, but not to make a hole in it with your finger. If you still want to try it, wait for the newlyweds to cut it and ask them if you may.


  1. To dress from head to toe in white

The bride is entitled to be the only person dressed entirely in white at her wedding. This is her day! Even if you are invited to a small summer wedding and the only official thing in your closet to be a short white dress, do not dress it up. Although it is true that no one can outshine the bride, nevertheless she may feel uncomfortable if you are trying to compete with her on whiteness. Stay away and from the color ivory, which recently is fashionable among the bridal gowns.


  1. To use the wedding to look for a boyfriend/girlfriend

Weddings are a great place for meetings of the single friends of the couple, but the crushes during the wedding do not look very good. Do not forget that at the event there will be many relatives and older people who will not respond well if you start making out with someone on the dance floor.


  1. To get drunk

The wedding of a friend or relative is not the place to act foolish. Drink alcohol carefully and try not to make a fool of yourself in front of everyone. Still the wedding is not a bachelor party!


  1. To leave your children to footle

If you have small children and you intend to bring them to the wedding watch out for their behavior. The screaming and crazy running of the kids can be too much for some of the guests. If you have a baby, leave it at home for the official part of the wedding because it can burst into tears exactly during the marriage ceremony in the municipality or during the wedding ceremony in the church.


  1. To quarrel with the waiters

Even if something irritates you in the servicing at the wedding, let the newlyweds or their parents to deal with that. It is not right nor is it appropriate to harass the waiters or to expect them only to serve you all night.


  1. To make the DJ change the assigned music

This is not your wedding – it is good to remember that! Even if you do not like the music that has chosen the young couple, you are obliged to respect their taste. Do not attempt to gain control of the DJ’s console. You can order one song as a greeting that is not from the list of the wedding, but no more.


  1. To spill something on the bride’s dress

Perhaps the beautiful white dress of the bride is quite expensive, so be careful when you are spinning around her. It will not work well if you tread upon it and tear it up on the dance floor or spill red wine all over it.


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