10 most common mistakes in the marriage

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Here is the list of the ten most common mistakes during the married life that if you really want to keep your spouse or vice versa, as soon as possible to get rid of him/her, should not do or accordingly be diligent to do:


1. Lack of respect. Do not bad-mouth your spouse, especially in front of friends. They need to feel gratitude and appreciation. They want to be valued.


2. Refusal to listen to them. This includes the wandering of the thoughts while they are speaking to you, paying more attention to the TV, computer, etc., ignoring the body language, interruption during the conversation and countless mistakes of this caliber that only prove your spouse your estrangement and unwillingness to communicate.


3. Fading of the sex life. There is no way, the sex is really important and very often its absence is the cause of the disintegration of many marriages. Do not allow your spouse to wonder why you avoid the sex and no longer want him/her.


4. The desire to be always right. This includes the continuous reading of the riot act and lectures to your mate. The need your word to be the last and most important. Nobody tolerates wiseacres, sooner or later no matter how much they love you your partners get tired of this behavior and the desire at any cost to have the answer to everything and to prove your authority.


5. Failure to comply with the promises. Actions speak about you more than words. Do not promise things that you do not intend to perform, thus you only lose the respect for you and your spouse slowly begins to not take you seriously.


6. Constant irritation. If your spouse complains that your behavior is rude and annoying, take his/her words into account rather than ignore them and continue in the same spirit, thinking that he/she is too sensitive or has no sense of humor. Do not make permanent experiments with their tolerance and patience. There is a high probability to overdo it.


7. Dishonesty. The secrets and lies can become a cause of estrangement and lack of trust between two people.


8. The bad habits. There are no perfect people, but accept that the preservation of some bad habits, related to the hygiene, lateness, etc. sooner or later will cause the most enamored person to take off the rose-colored glasses and take the ugly truth about your imperfection and your refusal to correct.


9. Selfishness and greed. You can not hold anyone to yourself if you think the single and most important person in the world is you and nobody else. For such people, the only logical and natural friend might prove to be the loneliness.

10. Irritable temperament. For every couple is necessary the conflicts that inevitably would arise to be resolved civilized. The aggression and fury of the partners will have the opposite effect to the positive end.


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