Women and their mistakes with men

Image:© konradbak/ Fotolia

Very often women look into their man’s phone and when they find a girl’s name they send an angry message asking to leave their man alone. Later it turns out that the girl is his associate, working with him on a big deal. So to speak – embarrassment .
Women should stop thinking they should be in line with everything their man likes and does. This is why their friends are for – football, beer, fishing, golf… and such things being for men only.

Yes, man love to eat what is left in the fridge. Let women not make such big deal out of it. This is just a habit and it is just food, big deal that they eat your dinner, but not theirs.

Women put too much energy and emotions for those romantic relationships from the fairytales, so they are disappointed by something small and insignificant.

They think the perfect relationship should be easy. But it requires compromises and patience. The perfect relationship means doing those two things well.

They thin the man should abandon his friends when he falls in love. Friends determine the essence of a person and everybody needs them when they are important in their life.

They think that when they have a boyfriend or a spouse this would settle all of their problems. Nobody can “fix” another person’s life as they can.

To use silence against the man. When something is wrong it should be talked about, not kept inside.

Women often do not ask what a man wants in bed.
To think that their dependence on somebody else is weakness. Sometimes it is a sign of a healthy relationship.

A big mistake is to share things of their intimate life with….. their mother. It is not necessary their mother to be aware of everything. Everything has boundaries.


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