Why men don’t hurry to get married?

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As oppose to many women who are ready for a serious commitment right after they meet, men see it another way – they understand they will have to be the head of the family, husbands, fathers. Many of them are not ready for the hardship of the family life.

While they live with their parents, most men practically receive everything ready from the woman in the family – most often, of course it’s the mother that cleans, cooks, washes and gives advice. “Little worry, little trouble” says a proverb. The thought of the woman’s tears, the children, the screams, the scandals, the lack of money pull them out of control.

The man is more likely to trust the experience, i.e. he observes the relations of the parents and think his marriage will have the same negative features.
Men often fear that with getting married they will lose their freedom.

They don’t want to give up anything, sticking to the principle “live while you’re young”. They fear not to lose their friends, who are very precious to them. Some of them are married and only work, with others they see each other rarely.

Men ask the question: “Why should I get married?” There are many girls and you can always find one to spend some time together or go to the seaside. They fear that after a certain time the woman will lose her romance and all that is beautiful will disappear.

Money are a difficult issue for men
They think that there is a direct proportion between the size of the wallet and the personal qualities. Some men, seeing the expensive clothes of their loved one think if they can afford these expenses. In the restaurant they could get scared of the high expectations of their partner. They may not say anything but they will think she spends too much. The man is scared of the caprices of the woman next to him. He is not sure that he can satisfy all of her wishes.

The inability of the man to ensure a house for the family is among the reasons to push him away of the idea of marriage. They don’t want to bother their parents taking their wife to them but they don’t want to be dependent, staying with the in-laws which according to them is a lack of manhood.

Women are dependent on the love, they chase love, they don’t stop imaging this world with a man next to them. And gradually fall in dependence of the men. All of their thoughts are directed to the question: “Will he marry me or not?” They are ready to get married no matter of the cost. With the first signs of this obsessive love men disappear.

They don’t want anybody messing with their soul
Some men are just not ready for spiritual closeness, openness, they feel better to be closed in themselves. No man likes being pushed by women. The meddlesome custody is also something they hate.

He should take the initiative himself. He should want to get married. Do you want to lose him? Then ask him: “When will we get married, honey?” And then count the days to stay together.

Some recommendations:

* Don’t try to conquer a man’s heart at every cost. Love is a choice and sharing, not chasing.
* Understand the reason your man is still not married. You can find some characteristics in him which you will not like to put up with your whole life.
* If the man invites you over don’t try to put everything in order in his place even if he doesn’t have a clean coffee cup. You are a guest.
* Don’t treat him as property. He is a free man. So as you – don’t forget that. Respect his and your own freedom!
* Men love to win than wait and wave the white flag. Before attacking, answer the question – Do you need a man or a capturer?


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