What are the obligations of the bridesmaid ?

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If you are invited by your friend who is about to get married to be her bridesmaid, you must help her with whatever she needs for her big day.

1.If your bride asks you to help her with ideas where to be the wedding, explore different places. It is a good idea that you drive so she can look at every place.

2. You can help when choosing the invitations. If your handwriting is beautiful you can help addressing the invitations if the bride agrees.

3. Your girlfriend may need help when ordering and choosing the decoration, your opinion may be useful when taking decisions and doing the different tasks.

4. The biggest pleasure is to go with the bride when choosing the wedding dress.

5. Buy the dress soon enough before the wedding so you can fix it if necessary.

6. Help the bride for the idea for setting the guests around the tables. It could be easier especially when there are many people, if you make the sketch of the location and carry it in the day of the wedding.

7. Help when planning, organizing and conducting the bridal shower.

8. Try to inform everyone when is the exact date of the event of the parties before that.

9. Help and be present at the rehearsal. Very often the grooms and their families are very busy and forget about some important things of the organization.

Obligations of the bridesmaid on the wedding day

* Help the bride to get dressed and to put on her make-up.
* Take care the bride to have everything she needs to the moment (water, food etc.)
* Always be in line with everything so you can cooperate when necessary executing the link between the bride and the groom.
* Visit the restaurant so you know that everything is OK.
* Help the other bridesmaids by giving them directions for the time and place.
* If the bride wants to be left alone for some time, give her that time.
* Help the bride with her veil and trail if such on the way to the ritual hall.
* Help the bride with the bouquet during the ceremony. Always have a spare hand.
* Help the guests take their seats. They love to see bridesmaids around them.
* Prepare a speech for the celebration. People love funny sayings.
* Help the newlyweds when collecting the presents.
* And finally but not lastly, ensure the necessary moral support for the bride.


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