Together and in one direction

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It is hard to set goals and even harder it is to set goals with another person. But to be happy, your wishes should be realized, to be happy with one another you should have at least similar wishes for your future, which to realize together.

It is very probable to worry due to your personal experience in making plans. As we know they do not always happen the way we want and sometimes this is the good part. It all depends on us, but the chances and the faith often surprise us and this may bring disappointment but happiness as well. Some could say that the part of life we cannot control is what makes it interesting.
What happens when we make plans with somebody else? We worry that maybe someday we will change and what we decided for the future will no longer be valid. The promise before somebody else to act in a certain way is an engagement, which you cannot break as easy as before yourself. Change is not a crime but it turns into a problem if not shared!
Do not worry! People change, events too… You just have to be flexible! Be sensitive to the signs of ypur loved one. When you feel a will or change in the partner just talk to them – sometimes it is hard to start a similar conversation or we are not clear with ourselves for our wishes.

If you do not set goals, you place your relationship under pressure. If one saves for a house and a car and the other spends everything they have, the strong love will not be able to control the situation…take it in your hands! Talk and plan!
If it is hard to start such a conversation, start it as a game! Think of 10 questions and answer on separate sheets of paper. The questions may be like: “How do you see us in 10 years?”, “What car do you drive?”, “How many children do you have?”… After that read the answers together! You can negotiate the answers that do not match and make your common plan. Make efforts to compromise equally.
Planning helps to dismiss the worries of your common future together and you can enjoy the present. Also, if you both aim to the same things, they will be realized much more easily.

The most important is to know what you want and share it constantly with the person next to you. Change is not a crime, but it turns into a problem when not shared!



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