The trust in a relationship

Image:© Yuri Arcurs/ Fotolia

For a relationship to exist for a long time the most important factor is the trust. Without trust the relationship is like boneless meat for example. It is in the basic of all long-term and healthy relations between two people. Let me share 7 ways you can gain it or build it in a relationship.


1. First of all is the predictability, it is the main factor. Trying new things such as walks or having dinner at new places from time to time is really important. Plan surprises for your loved one, this is always nice. But do not forget that the homogeneity and stability are very important for maintaining the relationship.


2. Feelings. They should not be hidden, you should tell your partner what you feel and think in a certain moment – anger, love, indifference – for whatever situation or reason. Do not hide how sad you are, say it.


3. Never say he is not capable of doing something. Instead of this encourage him or her to try until it happens. After all Thomas Alva Edison has not invented the electric bulb from the first try.


4. Avoid the secrets between one another. I mean the serious secrets. The secrets that a cause for doubt and the trust cracks.


5. From time to time it is nice to show the loved one what you need. This way he will be happy you need him and it will enhance the trust between you.


6. Say “No” to some of the caprices of your partner. It is not necessary to agree with everything. This will bring respect and trust in your relationship.


7. To create trust you should eliminate everything stopping it. This will only do good. Be ready for questions and difficult times. And after everything is over, the trust will be strong between you.


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