The small details around the wedding

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“Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing more to take away.”

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry



The beauty lies in the little things. Therefore, the seemingly small details are extremely important. If you trust a wedding agency with the decoration of your wedding, your task will be comparatively easier. You will look at many catalogs, advertisements and promotions that will facilitate your choice as much as possible. All you have to do is to select the appropriate decoration, flowers, catering from the catalog. The wedding agency will make sure that you will forget about the anxiety and stay calm, smiling and elegant during the wedding day.


Do not trust the legends that say that the wedding planners do not take your opinion into consideration. The agents not only listen to your preferences, but seek all possible ways to please you. Of course, you should approach very carefully when choosing an agency, because, like in every sphere of life, there are fake agents everywhere. When a person decides to make this important step in his life, changing his marital status, it is better to trust the professionals. Not only that, you will be charmed and live your fairy tale, but you will save yourself a lot of unnecessary stress and nerves. Every single detail will be polished to perfection. Wedding couples who themselves have organized their wedding, said that the entire preparation has loaded them to such an extent that they were unable to fully enjoy their wedding day because of the continuous concern and wondering whether all the guests are well served.

However, if you decide to handle with the severe preparation around the wedding yourselves, we will help you as remind you for some of the small details that you must remember.


• The first and most important step is the choice of a restaurant. Do not choose the first restaurant that you like. Consider whether the ritual hall and the church in which you will be married, are nearby. Consider and whether you want the wedding to be indoors or in the garden. If it is outside, make sure that there is proper roof / shelter in case of bad weather conditions.

• Once you have chosen a dress, shoes and bouquet, start to decorate the atmosphere in the restaurant according to the colors of the dress and the bouquet.

• Part of the preparation is related to the selection of wedding glasses, wedding celebration accessories, invitations, candles … and in general things that will highlight the beauty of the holiday.

• The champagne, the glasses and the cushions for the rings should also be suitably decorated.

• Make labels with the names of the guests as in advance you know their number. Explore different ideas for arrangement of the flowers to choose the most suitable option.

• The decoration on the tables you can “steal” from a magazine or to invent it yourself. The small stones, ribbons, lace and flowers will contribute to the perfection. The napkins should also be in a suitable shade. The tablecloths and the covers for the chairs must be provided again by you. Otherwise there is a danger of stains from past events.

• Hire a big enough staff and someone to guide them in order not to worry constantly whether your guests feel comfortable. We are sure that you can handle it!


Yet consider whether the time lost in nerves and onslaughts, wandering around the shops, looking for a suitable team and decoration is worth it. The wedding agencies provide you everything you need and the amount you have to pay depends on what exactly you want.


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