The sleeping position determines your relationship

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According to what your posture is while you sleep can be determined what the level of your relationship is.
With time, the sleeping postures change and develop but they contain your impulses and emotions. Since we found the meaning of some of them, we will show you the results.

When love is “new”, partners often sacrifice their comfort for the pleasure of the romantic position face-back.

Couples, having spent more time together often have more personal space between one another.

They often sleep hugged “spooning”, with minimal space between them.

Signs of emotional attachment in this position are the touching hands, knees and feet.
This is a way to satisfy two needs – both space and proximity. In sex this position provides even more space for imagination …
Some couples do not like the direct physical contact during sleep but “look for” the person next to them with “accidental” touches of the feet or the hands.

The accidental contact may sound like uncertainty in the feelings but this is a romantic hint of friendly and intimate attitude, looking for hidden closeness.

Everyone of us has his coverage of personal feelings.

Crossing your legs with those of your partner is a sign of searching familiarity and closeness. Your connection (at least emotionally) is probably stable, whether those moments are preceded by a quarrel or not.

The positions during sleep can “direct” the events in a relationship. For example, logically, after a fight it is possible the partner to turn his back to you. It is good in the beginning to leave them time to settle the “poison”.

In spite of all, this gesture is not always clear. Sometimes it is a way to attract your attention, to provoke you to be active, the stimulating party, opportunity to declare your interest. The reason may be that the partner is sick of being the initiative one. This is a test whether his closeness important to you, as well as for him.

Do not take everything as a test, learn to observe the attitude of the partner and learn when you can “hang the sleeping dog”. The sleeping position is a topic of discussions and a reason for physical contact, not a horoscope.

When your partner is in the other end of the bed and turns their back on you, in your head is the thought “Is this a fight?”

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According to experts there is no such thing as “right” sleeping position with partners. The unusual changes, especially combined with distance can be a sign of a problem. The biggest challenge in a relationship is the dealing with the feelings towards the other person.

In other words, try to talk most deliberately and understand what the reason is. Sorrow? Neurosis? Another problem? If a partner is having a difficult time – give him space. Sometimes you are nervous, sad or want some time to think.

And finally, don’t forget: many times the partner is worried to say they want to have some sleep instead of being stuck to you. Maybe it is not comfortable on your end of the bed. If this makes you feel lonely, just ask them to hug you before you go to sleep.

If this doesn’t help – it is time for a sincere talk.

Do you and your partner sleep … in a very specific position? Maybe half of your body is on one side or even outside the bed (as if moving in the opposite direction)? This could be a sign you want to escape.

If you have serious relations (based on another thing except the position during sleep) it will not be a bad idea to look for the reasons for this together.

Without objective indications we should exaggerate the reason for the position.

In the end, even when you sit on a chair, you don’t always sit in one and the same position.


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