The happy family life depends on the woman’s sleep

Image:© Yuri Arcurs / Fotolia

American scientists revealed that of great significance for the family life is the good sleep of the wife. The scientists of Pittsburgh established that the relations in the family suffer if the woman has not slept enough and has not had a rewarding and healthy sleep.

The good night sleep is very important for the mental and physical health of each and every person on the planet. In our case, however the sleep of the woman is more important. She is the one that takes care of the household, the children and in general everything that keeps the family together.

According to them the sleep of the man does not reflect on the relationship between the partners. The disputes in the families are more when the woman has not slept enough the night before, especially if she hardly had any sleep at all.

Some previous researches revealed that women sleep better if they have a “stable presence of a spouse or a partner in bed”.

In the new research Wendy Troxel, a professor in psychiatry reviews the relation between the sleep continuation and the “everyday spouse relations”. She worked with 35 couples, most of them 30 years of age and with no health problems. For the research recorded are their movements throughout the night. It was established how much time they slept and how much their sleep continued. The volunteers recorded in a diary the positive and negative “spouse relations”. The results show that the longer women could not fell asleep, the most probable is their husbands to record problems in the relationship on the next day.

The sleep of the men does not reflect the relationship of the couple. Another conclusion from the research is that problems like sleep deprivation concern more people around the specific couple and not only the directly affected person.


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