The choice nowadays – marriage for the money

Image:© Alexandr Mitiuc/ Fotolia

Girls nowadays think in perspective for their future and from the saying that love is transitional. What in fact remains after it, good feelings, habit, being quite because of good matters?


The marriage because of the money is often a selected choice nowadays as it is not obligatory the chosen one to be a grandpa with lots of money in the bank. The opportunity for the lack of love does not exclude the sympathy, good attitude or the feelings of friendship in a relationship.


The understanding between two people could lead to love, maybe not the crazy and burning one but such satisfying enough and allowing the good way of life to which we all aspire. Love could be established with time and the lack of passion and sexual satisfaction to occur at a later point.



In the Middle East countries the man negotiates for his wife with her parents. She does not have the opportunity to start or stop loving. Does this mean she is unhappy?!?! Hardly, because she lives with the inner belief that this is the right choice. She loves her husband with his positive and negative qualities. He is what he is…he should take care of her and she should take care of him, their children and their home.

This is what religion and moral dictate. This is why I think that at the end the inner attitude and beliefs are the most important factor for personal happiness and perception of life.



Everybody has a choice in life to love whoever he wants and to do whatever he wants with his life because after all it is his own and not somebody else’s and when faith doesn’t do anything for us we should undertake something to help the faith as we find best.


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