Should betrayal be forgiven


Image:© pressmaster / Fotolia

Image:© pressmaster / Fotolia

When we meet the love of our lives we are sure it is for life. We want to be the only one for the loved one but due to various reasons this could be destroyed. Every love is individual and a moment may occur where one of the partners needs diversity, leading to a new person in the relations.


Considering the gender differences with men and women, they may get nervous in a different way. For men it is unthinkable that the woman can chat physically and they more calmly accept the platonic feelings of their partner.


How to forgive infidelity
Women care more about feelings and this is why when their man has a lover they want to know whether the unfaithful partner is in love. This causes collapse of the feelings and of the family.


For the physical infidelity they may accept that the man searched for something on the side because he feels something is missing in the sex life and apparently they do not offer it.


Infidelity is always a huge shuttering of the soul and trauma. It causes lack of trust. It is not easy to forgive such unfaithfulness of the partner and should it be forgiven?


First of all we shall find out what are the roots of the problem, often the infidelity is only a symptom of more serious problems in the relationship. We should establish the seriousness of the causes so we can try to save our marriage.


Do not feel guilty for the infidelity of the partner. Remember that for a problem are necessary two persons. Remember to talk and clear what you will do in order to change your relations.


Often the infidelity and the forgiveness change entirely the relations between partners. All that you had to bear before and you kept quiet, the mutual insults, all is out and is no longer bothering you. The infidelity may serve as a catalyzer for openness between you.


So it has its positive sides, if you decide to forgive the unfaithfulness. In order to forgive, you should know some things. Always wait for the emotions to calm down – under the influence of the feelings you may take the wrong decision. Discuss only what will clear the reason for the infidelity and what can be done with regards to it. There is no point in discussing details around the infidelity, discuss how to gain back the trust in your relationship. You have to put much effort because you will never forget the infidelity, you have to avoid to mention this into a situation of conflict.


The more rarely you mention this, the more its shadow will stop darkening your relations. Prepare for the recovery of your sexual relations. The man should be very patient and approach with lots of tenderness because time will pass before the woman even agrees to a kiss. In moments of intimacy she will imagine what he did with the other woman. Patience, self-control and time will help you forget this unpleasant moment in your relations.



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