Romantic destinations for the honeymoon

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It is quite difficult to plan a wedding but to plan a honeymoon is twice as hard. This is because there are so many possibilities and so many places you want to visit, but you think none of them is appropriate. You search for the perfect one but you are scared not to make a mistake. It is assumed that the honeymoon should be a romantic escape on a sunny and exotic island, somewhere where the time has stopped and where endless glasses of Pina Colada complete the sweet taste of life. It is forbidden to think about work, engagements and schedules, you leave them for the reality. Don’t be scared to make the choice, just find the right place, your place.

Speaking of love, Rome is its heaven! Here, there is always magic in the air in spite of all the tourists and the stress of the big city. In Rome there are gardens, fountains and classic mythology everywhere. Don’t miss to toss a coin behind you to go back there again.
Do we need to mention it!? Because it is for sure in your list. The city of light, famous for its expensive and classy style offers many and most various entertainments. And still here are crossed the roads of the ordinary man and the diversity of the wonderful French desserts.
From the gardens of Luxembourg to the sunset boat ride, Paris is the other name of romance.

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The scenery is so wide that it will be hard to believe how so much beauty is gathered in one place – lavish vegetation, alpine meadows, huge coast mountains, rainforests. Adventurous couples shouldn’t miss to visit the crater of Kilauea volcano.
The symbol of love – Taj Mahal – to the port Kerala, India promises an exotic trip, worthy of the royal couple. Elephants, history, art and culture – they will remain in your memories. The ski slopes such as Manali and the discos at the beaches of Goa are always there and very modern as well.
Caribbean roadtrip
There is nothing more romantic than a boat ride at sunset. Or maybe there is – the bare beaches, the restaurants with ocean view, the spa procedures for couples. And these are only some of the possibilities. Most companies offering cruises have additional offers to the main package, developed specially for newlyweds. The honeymoon passes in an elegant, sophisticated ambiance which takes you away from the everyday life and makes your life/month “honey”.

The choice should be easy. If not, well we’ve narrowed down some of the possibilities. Think fast, pack and go because it’s tempting.



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