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Practical advices for the wedding manicure

For a nice wedding manicure important is to form your own nails, French tips or artificial nails. If you choose the option with the artificial nails you...
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A few advices on how to propose

The proposal – man only The marriage proposal is an important step in life. If you have decided that you are ready to take that important step in life...
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You dream of the most beautiful wedding dress!

If you are planning a wedding in winter, you can take advantage of the variety of designs, colors and fabrics that designers offer. The romantic vision...
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Cosmetics – what should we spend money for

Cosmetic products we shouldn’t save money for and ones we can cheap about Spend strong on:
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What are the obligations of the bridesmaid ?

1.If your bride asks you to help her with ideas where to be the wedding, explore different places. It is a good idea you to drive so she can look at every...
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How to organize the wedding – alone or with wedding planner

The wedding – a hard preparation, taking many decisions, many worries and excitements and lots of nerves. Here is the moment to assess do you need the...
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The history of the wedding ring

Where does the tradition of wearing a wedding ring come from The tradition for wearing wedding rings occurred in Ancient Egypt. Then the ring served as...
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Every man dreams of a real woman

The real woman is the one a man dreams of his entire life and which he sees in his dreams. Not only women think of their prince but the gentlemen have...
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