Choosing a wedding bouquet

Each celebration requires flowers, so we can not imagine a wedding without the bride’s beautiful bouquet. The wedding bouquet is always a work of art...
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The ideal spouses

Only a few decades ago women could only dream of gender equality. Now when these dreams are gradually becoming reality the male ideal of the perfect wife...
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Your wedding dress must be perfect!

The style of your wedding is crucial for the choice of the wedding gown. The official wedding ceremony for example, requires the bride’s dress to...
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Wedding Dresses – tips in choosing

It is not quite sure if there is anything more traditional than the white wedding dress in the world. Every lady since an early age has imagined how on...
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Finding the perfect partner Part 2

The pragmatic benefits of the partnership were the ones important years ago. The idea of a marriage as a mean of self-perfection and happiness is comparatively...
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Finding the perfect partner Part 1

Finding the ideal partner inflicts more harm than good, according to psychologists. They reached an insight into how the never-ending search for the ideal...
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The choice nowadays – marriage for the money

Girls nowadays think in perspective for their future and from the saying that love is transitional. What in fact remains after it, good feelings, habit,...
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Romantic destinations for the honeymoon

It is quite difficult to plan a wedding but to plan a honeymoon is twice as hard. This is because there are so many possibilities and so many places you...
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