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A few recommendations about the bridal makeup

To be irresistible and stunning on your special wedding day, take good care of your makeup. Here are some tips to help you look like a queen:
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Why men don’t hurry to get married?

As oppose to many women who are ready for a serious commitment right after they meet, men see it another way – they understand they will have to be...
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Women are lonelier after marriage

When we are in love everything is pink. And the time comes to build a family. What is family? It is not necessary to count all the possible problems and...
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Advices for good relations

How to get along with your partner after long years of relationship? The curtain of secrecy raises the psychotherapist Paula Hall. She states seven main...
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Color and fabric of the wedding dress

Nowadays it is no longer mandatory the color of the wedding to be always white. There is a great variety of beautiful shades of ivory and other colors...
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Practical advices for the wedding manicure

For a nice wedding manicure the most important is to form your own nails, French tips or artificial nails in the perfect shape that you like and feel...
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A few advices on how to propose

The proposal – for men only The marriage proposal is an important step in the man’s life. If you have decided that you are ready to take that...
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You dream of the most beautiful wedding dress!

If you are planning a wedding in the winter, you can take advantage of the variety of designs, colors and fabrics that designers offer. The romantic vision...
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