Myths about the wedding guests

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For a long time the guests invited to a wedding believe in several myths. To be a good guest you should know that these are untrue. We offer you the 5-biggest myths and leave you free to decide whether you should believe them.


Myth 1: Do not wear black.

Good news: Your favorite black dress is suitable for a wedding. Very often the outfits are selected under the misconception that black exudes sadness and unhappiness. Do not worry that people will think that your black clothing suits more for a funeral rather than a wedding. Keep in mind that black is not always appropriate, especially for afternoon weddings, in contrast, it is perfectly suitable for evening ceremonies.


Myth 2: Ask the bride for everything.

You need information about the wedding you are invited to? You do not know where you are placed, or are wondering how to get to the wedding venue, if there is someone to take care of the children. Your first thought is to call the bride or groom. Do not! They most probably have enough things to do. Call the bridesmaid, best man or maid of honor, a parent or even the wedding planner if you have his phone. Or seek information on their wedding website if they have one. Perhaps the answer to your question is in the invitation. If you’re still unable to find the information that interests you, call them, but always check the other sources of information first.


Myth 3: It is silly to buy a gift from the list of the newlyweds.

“It is better to buy a gift that I have chosen myself, not some from the list … This will show them that I know them very well, and it’s more creative.” Have you ever thought like that, when choosing a gift for a wedding? Probably. But is this really so? A large part of the newlyweds prefer gifts from their list. If you really want to give something personal – buy something small, but from the heart, and add it to the gift that they really want.


Myth 4: The invitation means that you can bring your boyfriend / girlfriend.

If the invitation does not explicitly say “and attendant” do not think that you can, just like that, bring company. Often the guest list is limited by the budget of the couple or the place at their disposal. Therefore it is better to ask before putting the newlyweds in an embarrassing situation to search for a place for unexpected guests.


Myth 5: The couple is obliged to accommodate you.

Although you have traveled “halfway across the world” to attend the wedding, that does not mean that the newlyweds have to pay your hotel or to shelter you. If the wedding is well organized – you will have a reservation in a hotel with a good price, and if not ask for good hotels in the city.


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